The Ridgeway


  There is a line of hills that stretch through part of south Dorset. This is known as the South Dorset Ridgeway. It is a distinctive feature that sits within a landscape that will always be associated with the works of Thomas Hardy and the poet William Barnes, both of whom understood its significance and ancient hiAstory. As well as a defining landscape feature it is also the route of an ancient roadway that began to be used thousands of years ago, evidence of its Neolithic and Bronze Age past is scattered along its length in the form of barrows and earthworks.


The artist Justin Cooke grew up in this part of Dorset. In this book he presents a collection of evocative and captivating paintings which show his true understanding of this remarkable landscape.


From the covers of the printed version, 2007




Below is a digital version of Justin's book. Titled, Justin Cooke The Ridgeway . Click where indicated to see a larger version.

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(Please note, the digital version has a different layout - showing a double page spread on each page).