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Justin Cooke is an artist whose paintings sit within a tradition of British artists inspired by landscape in all its forms. Much like the best artists in this field, both contemporary and throughout history, Justin has developed an affinity with the landscape he knows well, and, working on the cusp of what is abstract and what is figurative, he reveals this relationship through a true understanding of his subject. He studied at Newcastle University. After graduating in 1988 he began to work solely as an artist and continues to do so. He lives in Dorset with his family.


“My paintings are essentially studio paintings which begin life outside in the landscape. I often start with places that I know really well. Inspiration comes from everything I see and feel; When painting I allow these things to come together in an intuitive way so that they convey something about the place that maybe speaks of its past, or simply holds the sense of being there.  Increasingly though, my paintings have been about memory. Particularly when evoking a sense of something barely remembered, something almost lost but kept in indefinite images, in a similar way that a landscape itself becomes barely perceptible as day turns to night.”

Copyright 2020: Justin Cooke





This months featured painting is from 2010.


Ridgeway Night Horizon was exhibited and sold      at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2010. It is painted in oil on canvas and is 90cm x 90cm framed.









Ridgeway Night Horizon Oil on Canvas Exhibited Roy

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Justin Cooke Contemporary Artist.


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