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2010   Dorset Evening Echo 5th April 2010. Royal Approval


2009   The Wessex Muse MagazineMarch 2009. Natural Wonders


2008   The Wessex Muse Magazine. August 2008.Book Review


          Dorset Evening Echo. August 8th 2008. Landscapes inspired by West Dorset in Exhibition


          Marshwood Vale Magazine. February 2008, issue 107. Images of the South Dorset Ridgeway


2007   The Wessex Muse Magazine.December 2007 issue 29. Justin Cooke: The Ridgeway


          Dorset Evening Echo. December 1st 2007. New Cooke book by Dorset artist


          Dorset Evening Echo. August 17th 2007.Art fans are in for a treat.


          Dorset Evening Echo. August 11th 2007Exhibition


2006   The Artist. May 2006 In Conversation


2005   RWA Friends Magazine. Summer 2005 issue 38.Open Painting and Friends’ prize


2004   Country Living. November 2004.Exhibitions


2002   Western Gazette. 31st January 2002Fine Art


1998   Dorset Evening Echo. 19th May 1998Home Exhibits for Dorset Art Week


1997   Western Gazette. 28th August 1997Artist Loyal to the County that inspires him


1996   Dorset Evening Echo.18th August 1996Annual Art Show Opens


1995   Dorset Evening Echo. 2nd November 1995Paintings go on show in Bridport


          Dorset Evening Echo. 9th September 1995Art Show Success


          Dorset Evening Echo. 11th August 1995Justin’s 1995 exhibition set to open


          Dorset Evening Echo. 7th August 1995Artists work goes on show


          Dorset Evening Echo. 26th June 1995Scandinavians see Dorset Art


1994   Dorset Evening Echo. 28th November 1994Top Artist Show Work in Island Home


December 2007 issue 29 (640x440)

Wessex Muse Magazine 2007.

May 2006 (640x453) RWA friends magazine Summer 2005 issue 38 (640x448)

RWA Friends Magazine, 2005.

The Artist, May 2006.

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